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Corporate Values

Our values guide our business action
Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company's core values is striving to get clients' acceptance and support by
Constantly Self-improving
Products Evolving
Service Advancing

Constantly self-improving
Employees is the most important factor to build a long-term lasting developing enterprise, so Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company always put very much attention and input on this improving all staff's quality so as to strengthen its team capability.

Products evolving
Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company always make effort to get ahead in its business line. Achievement in products evolutions is the key thing that can evidently prove Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company made it.

Service advancing
Red Star Wire Mesh MFG Company never ignore that premium service is the core competence of an enterprise, which should be updated consistently with the times.

Exporting Salesman

Roles & Responsibilities

Exporting Sales

Qualifications & Experience

Good credit record, good integrity and excellent personality;

well experienced in foreign trading, and already be countrywide top 20 exporting salesman in your own business line.

Job Type:

Full Time


Guiyang, Guizhou, China 


Cn Yuan 12,000/Month + Sales deducting percentage + welfare allowances